Some recent faves…..

Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michelson – Winter Song

Tracy Chapmen – The Promise

These are hitting home quite a bit lately….just life being life and things that are happening….All in all….they are beautiful songs so put your headphones on and have a listen (guys and girls the same)



And I am back…..

It has been waaayyyyy too long in between posts and I am sorry for that….I am back and going to attempt to stay constantly at it!!!

Its LA baby…..

Just a quick lil update on the loves and lives of my present –

Two of my besties have just had their first mini human. Her name is June Grimaldi and she was born at 5:44am this morning. She is soooo beautiful. Their family is so perfect in every single way. Congratulations Heather and Biggie…love you ALLLLL SO much!!!


Music – There are two songs that really make me want to move…both in different ways but both are just as amazing as each other….

1. Adorn by Miguel (off Kaleidoscope Dream)


2. Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner (Gigamesh Remix from the Cooler Than Me EP)

Reading….no new books at this stage….I have mainlybeen reading up on Astrology and the different moon phases and how it affects us in each and every way of everything we do…extremely interesting!! The gravity of it all!!!

Where am I – I am staying at my friend Jared’s house….I come up to LA once a week to teach private Yoga classes to Rob Drydek and others at the Fantasy Factory. After I teach I get to catch up with friends that I dont often get to see.

 My current days in a nutshell…Goodnight lovely world…see you in the morning!!


New Moon and the retrograde

New Moon and the retrograde

It seems that this retrograde is really affecting a LOT of things in my life and others around me. The countdown has begun for this back-peddling to be over…..4 more sleeps!!

Until then I will focus on the projects and personal goals in my life and beginning this new cycle….accepting imperfections in myself and others, seeing them as another beautiful perfection.

Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…..



Right here….Right now…..

So many things have changed in my life….all seems to be extremely positive and exactly where I am supposed to be!! (As always)

I just wanted to update on a couple of things…. (and also flashing back to the template one of my first posts)


As things stand today…………..Right here……Right NOW!!!!!

I am a Yoga Instructor at Corepower Yoga in Costa Mesa, Next Level Fitness in Irvine and for many amazing private clients.

New Music – The National (High Violet) & Baroness (Yellow & Green)

Reading – Become What You re Are – By Alan Watts

Where Am I?? – Irvine, Southern California (in my bedroom at home)